Lexi Luv & Jake Franco in Giving Back To Nature

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Description: Jake Franco are ready to enjoy a nice day at the riverbank. They stroll together along sandy paths as the sunlight warms their skin and fresh spring air fills their lungs. It's a bit of a walk to get to their destination but they have ways of keeping each other entertained... As they walk along through the beautiful outdoors scenery, they can't help but get a bit flirty. Since they're all alone, Lexi teases Jake by flashing her boobs at him and Jake playfully smacks her ass. But the more they tease each other, the hotter they get, and they finally can't keep their hands off each other. They find a secluded spot among the trees, surrounded by flowers, and press close. As Lexi strips down, Jake relishes the chance to finger her pussy, getting her ready for the wild fun they're about to have. It isn't long before Lexi happily takes his cock, unafraid of getting sand where the sun don't shine. It seems spring is really in the air for these two lovebirds!