Natalie Del Real in Higher Ground - PlayboyPlus

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Description: Natalie Del Real takes in the view in this brand new pictorial by the photographer, Sophia Sinclair. On location in Los Angeles, her hometown, Natalie is on the set of a home that overlooks the city. What I love most about my city is the diversity, says Natalie. Having a wonderful time, she tells us more about herself as the camera clicks. I would love to think I am funny, she says with a laugh. What makes me, me,' is how weird I can be I make myself laugh all the time! Natalie thinks everyone can benefit from this kind of mindset. Being weird, funny, and not taking yourself so seriously all the time is definitely what everyone needs, she says. Natalie is always striving to live in her truth and be herself. Some words I live by? Life is too short to care about what anyone thinks! Get to know Natalie better, right here on Playboy Plus. exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus
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